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President's Advisory Committee on University Records and Archives


Robin Keirstead, University Archivist

Terms of Reference

Under the terms of the University Records and Archives Policy, the terms of reference are:

  •   to advise the President on the policies, activities and initiatives of the University Archives;
  •   to review and approve records management and archives operating policies developed to support implementation of specific components of the University Records and Archives Policy;
  •   to review and provide direction to the University Archivist on proposed program initiatives, the deaccessioning of existing archival holdings, or the potential acquisition of non-University materials that are of significant extent or value;
  •   to act as a liaison between the University Archives and those officers and employees of their respective academic or administrative units who are interested in or whose work is affected by the programs of the University Archives; and
  •   to support the University Archives in ensuring the preservation and use of the University's permanently valuable records.


Provost & Vice-President (Academic) (or designate)
Vice-President (Administration) & General Counsel (or designate)
Vice-President (Research) (or designate)
Vice-President (External) (or designate)
Vice-Provost & Registrar (or designate)
University Librarian
Secretary of the University (or designate)
President, Alumni Association (or designate)
Internal Auditor
University Archivist
Two members appointed by the President

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