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Outstanding Academic Titles, 2009 (Business & Economics)

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Outstanding Academic Titles, 2009. Choice, v.47, no. 05, January 2010.

Every year, Choice subject editors single out for recognition the most significant print and electronic works reviewed in Choice during the previous calendar year.  Appearing annually in Choice’s January issue, this prestigious list of publications reflects the best in scholarly titles and attracts extraordinary attention from the academic library community.

In awarding Outstanding Academic Title status, the editors apply several criteria to reviewed titles:
• overall excellence in presentation and scholarship
• importance relative to other literature in the field
• distinction as a first treatment of a given subject in book or electronic form
• originality or uniqueness of treatment
• value to undergraduate students
• importance in building undergraduate library collections

The list cites only bibliographic information.  The number and publication issue of each review are also provided to assist readers wishing detailed evaluations of the titles.

Business, Management & Labor

Buffington, Jack. The death of management: restoring value to the U.S. economy. Praeger, 2009.  188p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780313362125, $29.95  Dec’09, 47-2092

Business management and environmental stewardship: environmental thinking as a prelude to management action, ed. by Robert Staib.  Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.  319p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780230535619 pbk, $49.95  Nov’09, 47-1516

Cairns, George. A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about international business, by George Cairns and Martyna Sliwa.  Sage Publications, CA, 2008.  176p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9781412947626, $79.95  Apr’09, 46-4537

Clikeman, Paul M. Called to account: fourteen financial frauds that shaped the American accounting profession. Routledge, 2009.  345p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780415996976, $160.00  Aug’09, 46-6897

Dobbin, Frank. Inventing equal opportunity. Princeton, 2009.  310p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780691137438, $35.00  Dec’09, 47-2093

Erickson, Tamara. Plugged in: the Generation Y guide to thriving at work. Harvard Business School Press, 2008.  278p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9781422120606, $16.95  Apr’09, 46-4540

Fairlie, Robert W. Race and entrepreneurial success: black-, Asian-, and white-owned businesses in the United States, by Robert W. Fairlie and Alicia M. Robb.  MIT, 2008.  240p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780262062817, $35.00  Mar’09, 46-3936

Friend, Graham. Guide to business planning, by Graham Friend and Stefan Zehle.  Bloomberg Press, 2009.  (Dist. by  Ingram Publishing Services)  282p  index  afp  ISBN 9781576603284, $32.95  Aug’09, 46-6899

Funk, Tom. Web 2.0 and beyond: understanding the new online business models, trends, and technologies. Praeger, 2009.  172p  index  afp  ISBN 9780313351877, $34.95  May’09, 46-5124

Handbook of finance: v.1: Financial markets and instruments; v.2: Investment management and financial management; v.3: Valuation, financial modeling, and quantitative tools, ed. by Frank Fabozzi.  Wiley, 2008.  3v  bibl  index  ISBN 9780470042564, $750.00  Jan’09, 46-2774

Miller, Geoffrey. Spent: sex, evolution, and consumer behavior. Viking, 2009.  374p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780670020621, $26.95  Dec’09, 47-2098

Mishel, Lawrence. The state of working America, 2008/2009, by Lawrence Mishel, Jared Bernstein, and Heidi Shierholz.  ILR Press, 2009.  458p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780801447549, $59.95  Oct’09, 47-0956

The Organization of the future 2: visions, strategies, and insights on managing in a new era, ed. by Frances Hesselbein and Marshall Goldsmith .  Jossey-Bass, 2009.  348p  index  ISBN 9780470185452, $29.95  Jul’09, 46-6296

Ross, Andrew. Nice work if you can get it: life and labor in precarious times. New York University, 2009.  264p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 0814776299, $27.95  Sep’09, 47-0373

Sivulka, Juliann. Ad women: how they impact what we need, want, and buy. Prometheus Books, 2009.  415p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9781591026723, $27.00  May’09, 46-5128


Aldred, Jonathan. The skeptical economist: revealing the ethics inside economics. Earthscan Publications Ltd., 2009.  281p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9781844077052, $35.00  Oct’09, 47-0962

Barndt, Deborah. Tangled routes: women, work, and globalization on the tomato trail. Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.  335p  index  afp  ISBN 9780742555563, $80.00; ISBN 9780742555570 pbk, $29.95  Jun’09, 46-5714

Berend, Ivan T. From the Soviet Bloc to the European Union: the economic and social transformation of Central and Eastern Europe since 1973. Cambridge, 2009.  299p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780521493659, $99.00; ISBN 9780521729505 pbk, $37.99  Aug’09, 46-6909

O Gráda, Cormac. Famine: a short history. Princeton, 2009.  327p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780691122373, $27.95  Sep’09, 47-0400

The Elgar companion to social economics, ed. by John B. Davis and Wilfred Dolfsma.  E. Elgar, 2008.  682p  bibl  index  ISBN 9781845422806, $285.00  Mar’09, 46-3954

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. URL: http://www.fdic.gov/ Apr’09, 46-4554

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. URL: http://www.frbsf.org/ Sep’09, 47-0386

Ferguson, Niall. The ascent of money: a financial history of the world. Penguin, 2008.  441p  bibl  index  ISBN 9781594201929, $29.95  Apr’09, 46-4555

Fisman, Raymond. Economic gangsters: corruption, violence, and the poverty of nations, by Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel.  Princeton, 2008.  240p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780691134543, $24.95  Feb’09, 46-3354

Fouquet, Roger. Heat, power and light: revolutions in energy services. E. Elgar, 2008.  470p  bibl  indexes  ISBN 9781845426606, $160.00  Feb’09, 46-3355

Fourcade, Marion. Economists and societies: discipline and profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s. Princeton, 2009.  388p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780691117607, $35.00  Nov’09, 47-1537

Geisst, Charles R. Collateral damaged: the marketing of consumer debt to America. Bloomberg Press, 2009.  274p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9781576603253, $27.95  Dec’09, 47-2113

Goldthwaite, Richard A. The economy of Renaissance Florence. Johns Hopkins, 2009.  649p  index  afp  ISBN 9780801889820, $55.00  Aug’09, 46-6925

Guthrie, Doug. China and globalization: the social, economic and political transformation of Chinese society. Routledge, 2009.  367p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780415990394, $135.00  Apr’09, 46-4558

Marsh, David. The euro: the politics of the new global currency. Yale, 2009.  340p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780300127300, $35.00  Oct’09, 47-0979

Mayer, Thomas. Invitation to economics: understanding argument and policy. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.  334p  index  afp  ISBN 9781405183932 pbk, $35.00  Jun’09, 46-5724

Measuring inequality of opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean, by Ricardo Paes de Barros et al. with Mirela de Carvalho et al.  Palgrave Macmillan/World Bank, 2009.  195p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780821377451 pbk, $30.00  Aug’09, 46-6930

Neumark, David. Minimum wages, by David Neumark and William L. Wascher.  MIT, 2008.  376p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780262141024, $40.00  May’09, 46-5142

OECD-FAO agricultural outlook, 2008-2017. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2008.  229p  ISBN 9789264045903 pbk, $124.00  Mar’09, 46-3959

Parker, David. The official history of privatisation: v.1: The formative years, 1970-1987. Routledge, 2009.  598p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780415469166, $100.00  Sep’09, 47-0403

Reducing global poverty: patterns of potential human progress, by Barry B. Hughes et al.  University of Denver/Paradigm Publishers/Oxford, 2009.  334p  index  afp  ISBN 9781594516399, $99.00; ISBN 9781594516405 pbk, $29.95  Jul’09, 46-6317

Sachs, Jeffrey D. Common wealth: economics for a crowded planet. Penguin, 2009 (c2008).  386p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780143114871 pbk, $17.00  Jul’09, 46-6318

Shaviro, Daniel N. Decoding the U.S. corporate tax. Urban Institute, 2009.  206p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780877667575 pbk, $26.50  Aug’09, 46-6933

Skousen, Mark. The making of modern economics: the lives and ideas of the great thinkers. M.E. Sharpe, 2009.  494p  bibl  index  afp  ISBN 9780765622266, $89.95; ISBN 9780765622273 pbk, $35.95  Jun’09, 46-5732

Spencer, David A. The political economy of work. Routledge, 2009.  170p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780415457934, $130.00  Jul’09, 46-6320

Winter, Harold. The economics of crime: an introduction to rational crime analysis. Routledge, 2008.  131p  bibl  index  ISBN 9780415771740 pbk, $41.95  Apr’09, 46-4571