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Canadians on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Each year the Johnston Library does a piece on Black Friday (for past years see Black Friday 2010 Predictions and 2009's Black Friday - Red Christmas?). This year we have expanded our interest to include Cyber Monday.

Black Friday is typically an American event, but lately American companies located here in Canada are extending the sales to their Canadian customers. "We're seeing an increased number of our tenants (in Toronto's Eaton's Centre) extending their hours on this day," Brian O'Hoski, senior property manager, said. "I think it's becoming trendier to make Black Friday a busy shopping weekend in Canada." (CTV News)

Another pertinent factor: Canadians living near US cities crossing the border for Black Friday and other holiday shopping due to a strong Canadian dollar.


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Interesting Canadian Statistics:

  • Canadians at times make up to 40% of the visitors to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills, Michigan (London Free Press)
  • 18% of those polled (in a Bank of Montreal survey) plan to shop in the US this holiday season (CBC News)
  • Canadians plan on spending close to $1,400 this holiday season between shopping, travel and entertaining (CBC News)
  • On Black Friday, Canadians will spend $500 (Moneyville.ca)
  • In 2010, only 10% of Canadians went to the US for Black Friday shopping

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday immediately following Black Friday (which is the day after the American Thanksgiving). Rather than waiting in line to shop, millions of people (Canadians included) wait for Cyber Monday to get online deals on electronics, fashion and more.

Luring Canadians to many online US stores? Lower shipping fees or free shipping.

Another luxury of Cyber Monday? Shopping from home with no crowds -- though a server has been known to crash.


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Interesting Canadian Statistics:

  • 52% of Canadians are aware of what Cyber Monday is - up from 24% in 2010 (Canada News Wire)
  • In 2010 there was a 37% increase in Pay Pay Canada purchases for Cyber Monday (Canada News Wire)

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