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Federal Budget : Headlines Across Canada

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Upon the release of any government budget, one expects various comments and criticisms from opposing political parties, union heads and think tanks such as the Conference Board of Canada.(Budget 2012).

The staff of the Johnston Library thought it might be interesting to have an overview of opinions as expressed solely through the viewpoints as expressed in the headlines of Canada's major publications.

Vancouver Sun:

Tories careful not to cut against public opinion

Editorial: First budget as majority lands softly

Calgary Herald

Budget: Pension changes and public service cuts define Flaherty's vision

Editorial: The pro-pipeline federal budget

Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Province sees merit in federal budget initiatives

Opinion: Budget proves to be non-event

Winnipeg Free Press

Cut and grow: Trimming jobs and cost while nurturing economy Flaherty's plan

Opinion: Majority of budget is minority stuff

A budget for most Canadians

Globe and Mail

Harper's modest revolution

Tories Tout 'Modest' Plan to Slash Spending, Shrink Public Service

Editorial: A prudent Conservative Budget from Harper and Flaherty

National Post

Conservative budget takes the long view

Tory radicalism goes missing

National Post editorial board:  Budget puts Canada on the right fiscal track

Toronto Star

Federal budget: Tories pinch penny, get tough on spending, roll back OAS

Opinion: Walkom: Budget aims to remake Canada in Stephen Harper's image

Opinion: Tim Harper: Federal budget 2012: Stephen Harper’s bark is worse than his bite

Ottawa Citizen

Budget: Public servants hit with job cuts, pension changes

Opinion: Slow and steady

North Bay Nugget

Editorial: Worst of Flaherty’s budget almost Trudeauesque
                 Nasty politics knows no political stripe

Montreal Gazette

Pension changes, public service cuts define Flaherty's vision

Editorial:  A cautious, workmanlike budget with few surprises

Le Devoir

Halifax Chronicle Herald

Ottawa targets 'over-reliance' on EI system

Editorial: Lack of crisis dulls the axe

St John Telegraph Journal

Budget reveals Tories' vision

Five tests to evaluate the federal budget

Charlottetown Guardian

Veterans affairs likely to face job cuts

Opinion: Awaiting austerity measures from Ottawa

St John's Telegram

The Devil is in the details

Nunavut Online

Federal budget 'prudent': Nunavut finance minister

Nunatsiaq Online

Tory budget a disappointment, national Inuit leader says

Other territories not reporting

Provincial reactions.

11 Business Leaders React to the Federal Budget