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Manitobia Life and Times: Historical Newspapers

Photo of strikers tipping a streetcar

Interested in Canadian history, the Prairie Provinces, immigration and settlement, politics, journalism or other topics relating to historical Manitoba?

Check out Manitobia.ca, a free website that includes over 35 historical newspapers you can browse or search.

The Manitobia.ca project is an initiative by the Manitoba Library Consortium to collect online, free to Canadians, a number of historical documents.

Newspapers included are:

  • Brandon Sun Weekly
  • Courrier du Nord-Ouest
  • Daily Nor'Wester
  • Echo du Manitoba
  • The Enlightener
  • La Liberté
  • Le Manitoba
  • Le Métis
  • Libre Parole
  • Manitoba Free Press
  • Manitoba Gazette
  • Manitoba Herald
  • Manitoba Liberal
  • Manitoban and Northwest Herald
  • Manitoba News-Letter
  • Minnedosa Tribune
  • Morning Telegram
  • New Nation
  • Nor'Wester (1859)
  • Nor'Wester (1874)
  • One Big Union
  • Ouest Canadien
  • The People's Voice
  • Portage la Prarie Weekly
  • Quiz
  • Red River Pioneer
  • Standard
  • Strikers Defense Bulletin
  • The Voice
  • Western Labor News
  • The Western Star
  • Winnipeg Citizen
  • Winnipeg Daily Sun
  • The Winnipeg Socialist
  • Winnipeg Telegram Strike Editions
  • The Winnipeg Tribune


Title: Overturning Streetcar on Main Street
Source: Archives of Manitoba/Archives du Manitoba, Foote 1696, N2762
Year: 1919