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Aaron Swartz, #pdftribute, and Scholarship@Western


On January 12, Aaron Swartz, a fierce advocate of open access and a founder of Reddit and the creative commons movement, among many other accomplishments died. In response, scholars all over the world launched the #pdftribute twitter tag, sharing journal articles.

Jonathan Eisen, a faculty member at the University of California, Davis, has written a blog post giving ten simple ways to share pdfs of your papers, but he misses one of the most valuable ways for Western faculty to share their research: Scholarship@Western.

Scholarship@Western is Western University's open access repository for published research by faculty and students. Sharing your research via Scholarship@Western is as simple as creating a profile for yourself and uploading it. One of the things that Aaron was passionate about was access to research, which many scholarly journals restrict. Please check with the ROMEO/SHERPA project to find out what you are allowed to do with the articles that you have published. Some journals allow you to publish preprints, some postprints, and some have an embargo, requiring you to wait six months or more before posting your published research. And some journals don't allow you to share your research at all.

If you have any questions about Scholarship@Western, or would like some help getting your profile set up and loaded with content, please contact your liaison librarian.

Photo by ragesoss via Flickr