Western Libraries


LibX is a browser add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome*. It provides direct access to Western Libraries' resources, regardless of where you are on the web.

*Note: As of August 2012 there is an issue with the Google Chrome version of LibX, due to the tightened security of Google's 'manifest version 2'. There is no word yet from LibX developers on when or if this issue will be resolved.

See LibX University of Western Ontario Edition for a Install links, Demo, list of Features, Privacy information, answers to FAQs.

What's new with LibX 2.0?

LibX 2.0 is a complete upgrade from LibX 1.5.X.

Google Chrome is now supported*. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Functionality has changed from LibX 1.5.X. See Demo and Features.


We'd like to know what you think of LibX. Send us your comments, questions and suggestions.

If you encounter any difficulties with using or installing LibX, we appreciate you reporting them to us.