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Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business

This guide has been prepared by Business Library staff to introduce the reader to resources related to starting your own business. For further research assistance, please contact library staff at buslib@ivey.uwo.ca

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For an up-to-date list of books available at Western Libraries, search the library catalogue for the SUBJECTs:

The following is a selection of ebooks and books held at the Business Library on the topic of starting your own business. See the above subjects for a more extensive list of library holdings.

Basso, Rob. The everyday entrepreneur: apply the tripple threat of ambition, confidence and conviction for success on your own terms. (2011 Online)

Beach, Jim. School for startups: the breakthrough course for guaranteeing small business success in 90 days or less. (2011 Online)

Bradberry, John. 6 secrets to startup success: how to turn your entrepreneurial passion into a thriving business. (2011 Online)

Gerber, Scott. Never get a "real" job: how to dump your boss, build a business, and not go broke. (2011 Online)

Harvard Business Review on succeeding as an entrepreneur. (2011)

Kessler, Andy. Eat people: and other unapologetic rules for game-changing entrepreneurs. (2011)

Koester, Eric. Green entrepreneur handbook : the guide to building and growing a green and clean business. (2011)

Meyer, Marc H. Entrepreneurship : an innovator's guide to startups and corporate ventures. (2011)

Zacharakis, Andrew. Business plans that work: a guide for small business. (2011 Online)


For scholarly, news, trade, magazine, and other articles, search the following databases using key terms such as "entrepreneurship", "small business", "startups", "business innovation", etc.

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