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50 Best-Managed Private Companies - Financial Post

" Canada's 50 Best-Managed Private Companies"
(as listed in the National Post / Financial Post)

50 Best Lists

For the past 8 years (as far as we can tell) the National Post (formerly the Financial Post) has published special reports that list and profile the "50 Best Managed Private Companies" in Canada. This year the report is found on Wednesday, December 13, 2000 and it has always been published near the end of the year. Since the reports are of considerable interest and the sketches of the private companies useful, we attempted to track down the lists from the past. After some searching in both print and electronic sources we determined that it was not easy to find the annual listing and nowhere could we get an aggregated list of all 400-or-so companies that had been chosen and profiled since 1993. Our purpose here is to provide that list and to indicate in which annual issue of the paper the profiles are to be found.

In passing we will note some facts about the selection process as described in the most recent issue and in the oldest one we found (Dec.18, 1993). The 2000 report was sponsored by Arthur Andersen and the CIBC as well as the Post . Companies that were deemed to have performed well in certain key areas were provided with questionnaires and subjected to interview sessions. The finalists were then selected by an adjudication panel which consisted of academics, business people and the editor-in-chief of the paper. Arthur Andersen was also involved in the first selection process which is described by Rod McQueen in the Saturday, Dec.18, 1993 Financial Post. He noted that "the criteria were tough. Firms had to be privately owned with exceptional growth during the recession-rocked previous three years in a series of key categories: sales, profit, employment and market share".

The lists for each year since 1993 are provided below and they should be of use to anyone interested in "best practices" and to those who want examples of good management in reality as opposed to theory. The company names can be verified and the profiles consulted in the particular issue indicated at the top of each list. Copies of the National Post and the Financial Post are available on microform in the Business Library and most of the issues can also be found in electronic form. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to ask.

Since compiling these lists, we have learned of an excellent site where the "50 Best Managed Private Companies" from 1993 to 2002 are also listed. See: http://www.canadas50best.com/default.htm