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Biography - Thomas J. Peters

In 1982, two McKinsey consultants trying to determine the attributes of "corporate excellence" published a book on the subject. The result, In Search of Excellence,became one of the most popular business books of all time and one of the authors, Tom Peters, continues to be one of the most sought after and highest paid speakers on the corporate circuit. For students of management thought we provide below a list of Peter's books and some books and articles about him.

For brief biographical material we suggest the profile found on p.526 of the IEBM Handbook of Management Thinking ( HD38.15.I33). For a longer one, see the book by Crainer The Tom Peters Phenomenon (details are provided below). For an interesting book that puts Peter's early ideas into the perspective of the 1980s and 1990s see The Witch Doctors: Making Sense of the Management Gurus by John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge.

Tom Peter's web site is here: http://www.tompeters.com/

Books by Peters

Tom Peters Essentials, BUS stack HD58.8.P4827 2005 v.1-4

Re-Imagine! Business Excellence In A Disruptive Age, BUS stack HD58.8.P4825 2003

The Project50, Or, Fifty Ways To Transform Every Task Into A Project That Matters!, BUS stack BF481.P48 1999

The Brand You50, Or, Fifty Ways To Transform Yourself From An "Employee" Into A Brand That Shouts Di stinction, Commitment, and Passion!, HF5381.P472 1999

The Circle Of Innovation: You Can't Shrink Your Way To Greatness, BUS stack HD53.P48 1997

Toward Perpetual Revolution, HD31.P387 1994

The Tom Peters Seminar: Crazy Times Call For Crazy Organizations, HD58.8.P483 1994

The Pursuit Of Wow! Every Person's Guide To Topsy-Turvy Times, HD58.8.P482 1994

Liberation Management: Necessary Disorganization For The Nanosecond Nineties, HD58.8.P478 1994

In Search Of Excellence [Sound Recording], HF5006.F37 no.2 1988

Thriving On Chaos: Handbook For A Management Revolution, HD70.U5P426 1987

A Passion For Excellence: The Leadership Difference, HD70.U5P425 1985

In Search Of Excellence: Lessons From America's Best-Run Companies, DBW stack HD70.U5P424 1982

Books About Peters

Wallis, Ian Ed.
Business Gurus, BUS stack HD57.7.B87 2012

Rigby, Rhymer
28 Business Thinkers Who Changed the World : The Management Gurus and Mavericks Who Changed the Way We Think About Business, BUS stack HC29.R54 2011

Millman, Debbie
Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, BUS stack HF5415.1255.M55 2011

Kleiner, Art
The Age of Heretics, DBW stack HD58.8.K57 2008

Collins, David
Narrating the Management Guru: In Search of Tom Peters, BUS stack HD70.U5P432 2007

Langdon, Ken
The 100 Greatest Business Ideas of all Time, BUS stack HB615.L365 2003

Langdon, Ken
The Best Business Books Ever: The 100 Most Influential Management Books You'll Never have Time to Read
, BUS ref Z7164.C81B547 2003

Pierce, Jon and Newstrom, John
The Manager's Bookshelf: A Mosaic of Contemporary Views, BUS stack HD70.U5M32 2000

Crainer, Stuart
The Ultimate Business Library: 75 Books that Made Management, HD31.C7274 2000

Crainer, Stuart
The Tom Peters Phenomenon: Corporate Man to Corporate Skunk, HD69.C6C73 1999

Kennedy, Carol
Guide to the Management Gurus: Shortcuts to the Ideas of Leading Management Thinkers, HD30.5.K45 1998

Crainer, Stuart
Key Management Ideas: Thinkers that Changed the Management World, HD31.C69 1998

Spurge, Lorraine Ed.
Knowledge Exchange Business Encyclopedia: Illustrated, HF1001.K52 1997

Crainer, Stuart Ed.
The Financial Times Handbook of Management, HD38.15.F56 1995

Brocka, Bruce and Brocka, M. Suzanne
Quality Management: Implementing the Best Ideas of the Masters, HD62.15.B73 1992


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