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Biography - Peter F. Drucker (1909 - Nov. 11. 2005)

Update: We are sorry to report that Drucker died at his home on Friday. The obituaries are unanimous in noting his important contributions to the field of management and to what he termed "social ecology". Although he was sometimes accused of simplifying ideas, that was often his main objective and he frequently noted that his best ideas had "only one moving part". For your convenience we will list some of the major obituaries here and there will surely be many more. "Pete Drucker, Management Guru 1909-2005," Kathryn Harris, Bloomberg News, reprinted in The Globe & Mail, Saturday, Nov.12, 2005, p.S9.; "Peter F. Drucker, a Pioneer in Social and Management Theory, Is Dead at 95," Barnaby J. Feder, The New York Times,, 12, Nov. 2005, p.13.; "Management Guru Peter Drucker, 95, Dies," Alex Veiga, Associated Press, 12, November, 2005; "The Grand Old Man of Provocative Theory: Obituary Peter Drucker," Simon London, Financial Times, 12 November, 2005, p.8 and "Management Visionary Peter Drucker Dies," Patricia Sullivan, Washington Post, 12 Nov. 2005, p.B06. Naturally there is considerable information on the Claremont Graduate University site.

Mr. Drucker's picture is on the cover of Business Week, Nov. 28, 2005 and the article "The Man Who Invented Management: Why Peter Drucker's Ideas Still Matter" is found on p.96

"One of the world's most influential writers on organization and management, Drucker sees management as a crucial component to all organizations in society......" from the Peter F. Drucker Canadian Foundation, London Ontario


Rosenstein, Bruce. Living in more than one world [electronic resource] : how Peter Drucker's wisdom can inspire and transform your life

Update August 2005: The Daily Drucker: 365 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done. HD31.D7754 2004
This book became one of the top selling business books in 2005. Here is a brief description of it from Library Journal:
"In this daily companion, management guru Drucker offers key statements or a "Drucker Proverb" followed by a few thoughtful comments or explanations on topics ranging from innovation and entrepreneurship, the world economy, a changing society and workforce, to nonprofits and their management. Each of these 366 daily readings concludes with an "Action Point" that carefully details how to put the idea into practice. As in his teaching, Drucker encourages readers to apply his ideas to themselves and to their organizations. After the action point, Drucker cites the original source or sources for the reading. The bibliography details each title and indicates if it is out of print. "Sources by Book or Internet Module" lists the titles and days they referenced, and "Sources by Day and Parallel Passages" lists the day, title, and pages in the titles. Finally, "Readings by Topic" groups the days under broad subjects like business ethics, growth, leadership, and social responsibility. Entrepreneurs, managers, and students will enjoy this powerful, inspirational learning tool". (Susan C. Awe).

Update: February 2003

For Drucker's two most recent books see A Functioning Society ( HM756.D78 2003) and Managing in the Next Society. ( HD31.D77339 2002) According to Jim Frederick in Money (Aug. 2002) - "Managing in the Next Society, a collection of recent articles and interviews is an excellent, easily accessible introduction to what's been on the 92-year-old Drucker's mind since 1996. True to form, his often deeply contrarian insights are authoritatively presented, backed up with rich historical precedents and persuasively argued."

Although this guide to the works of Peter Drucker consists of roughly five pages, it is really only a brief introduction to the works of this prolific and eclectic scholar. There has been no attempt to list all of the books and articles produced by Drucker, whose name in German, appropriately enough, means "printer". A thorough bibliography would approach book-length and it would begin with a mention of his 1933 monograph on Friedrick Julius Stahl and conclude with the observation that he continues to produce in 2002.

One of Drucker's most lasting initiatives is the Peter F. Drucker Award for Canadian Nonprofit Innovation administered by the Peter F. Drucker Canadian Foundation. "Since 1993 more than 600 stories from the applicants for the award in Canada have proven that innovation can be a powerful tool in the betterment of people's lives." Each award winner receives a $15,000 cash award, recognition at a special celebration event and documentation of their story. The Foundation's national office is in London Ontario and is guided by a volunteer Advisory and Selection Committee, composed of individuals from the business, government and nonprofit sectors.

For a recent compilation of articles by Drucker that have appeared in the Harvard Business Review see Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management ( HD31.D7742).

For a recent biography on Drucker see Jack Beatty's The World According to Peter Drucker ( HD30.5.B4). Reviews of these books and additional recent articles by and about Drucker can be found easily by searching Proquest Direct.

Those who are interested in his early work can consult two books about Drucker. Drucker: The Man Who Invented the Corporate Society, by John Tarrant ( HD31.D78T3); and the book of collected essays, Peter Drucker: Contributions To Business Enterprise, edited by Bonaparte and Flaherty ( HD31.B64). Both books contain bibliographies.

Those who are interested in some of his more recent efforts can use this brief guide which consists of four parts. The first section lists books by Drucker. The second contains a few reviews of a couple of Drucker's recent books. The third contains a list of articles written by Drucker that were found in ProQuest ABI/Inform Global during the period from 1990 to May of 1994. This guide concludes by listing some of the recent columns by Drucker which are found in the Wall Street Journal.

The books listed are all available in the Library System at the University of Western Ontario. Location codes were provided for those items not housed in the Business Library. Library locations have also been provided for each of the periodicals cited in section three of this handout. The Wall Street Journal is available in the Business Library and also through ProQuest and Factiva.


Men, Ideas and Politics
JA76.D78 2011

The Drucker Lectures: Essential Lessons on Management, Society and Economy
HD31.D73 2010

Managing in a Time of Great Change
HD31.D77337 2009

A Functioning Society
HM756.D78 2003

Adventures of a Bystander
BUS and DBW stack H59.D75A33 1979
H59.D75A33 1998

The Age of Discontinuity: Guidelines to our changing society
BUS, LAW, RDL, Brescia HC59.D69 1969b
HC59.D69 1992

America's Next Twenty Years

The Changing World of the Executive
BUS & DBW stack HF5500.2.D77 1982

Chosen No Toki (Drucker on Asia: A Dialogue between Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi
HC415.C3D78 1997

Concept of the Corporation
DBW stack HD2731.D7 1946

Drucker on Asia
(a dialogue between Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi)
HC415.C3D78 1997

Drucker on Management

The Ecological Vision: Reflections on the American condition
DBW stack HN57.D76 1992

The Effective Executive
DBW & LAW HD38.D68

Effective Management Performance
HD38.D69 1974

The End of Economic Man: A study of the new totalitarianism
DBW stack D443.D78 1939

The Essential Drucker: Selections from the Management Works of Peter F. Drucker
HD31.D7672 2001

The Executive in Action
HD31.D76825 1996

The Five Most Important Questions Your Will Ever Ask About Your Nonprofit Organization: Participant's Workbook
HD62.6.D77 1993

The Frontiers of Management: Where tomorrow's decisions are being shaped today
Huron HD31.D7713 1986
selected book reviews listed below

The Future of Industrial Man, A conservative Approach

Germany, The Last Four Years: An independent examination of the results of national socialism
DBW stack HC286.3.G4 1937

Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management
HD58.82.H37 1998

How to Assess Your Nonprofit Organization with Peter Drucker's Five Most Important Questions: User guide for boards, staff, volunteers, and facilitators
HD62.6.H69 1993

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and principles
HD2346.URD78 1985 selected book reviews listed below

An Introductory View of Management

Landmarks of Tomorrow
DBW CB425.D79

The Last of All Possible Worlds
DBW stack PS3554.R7L3 1982

Management Cases
Brescia HD70.U5D69

Management Challenges for the 21st Century
HD30.27.D78 1999

The Management of Personal Selling (BY E. TROTMAN - INCLUDES AN ESSAY BY P.F.DRUCKER)
RDL HF5438.23.T75 1970

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices
DBW, Brescia, Huron, King's HD31.D773 1974

Managing for Results: Economic tasks and risk-taking decisions
DBW, Brescia, RDL HD38.D7

Managing for the Future: The 1990's and Beyond
HD31.D7733 1992

Managing in Turbulent Times

Managing in a Time of Great Change
DBW stack HD31.D77337 1995

Managing in the Next Society
HD31.D77339 2002

Managing the Non-Profit Organizationa: Practices and principles
Huron HD62.6.D78 1990

Men, Ideas & Politics: Essays
DBW & Huron H91.D78

The New Markets and Other Essays

The New Realities: In government and politics, in economics and business, in society and world view
D849.D78 1989 selected reviews listed below

The New Society: The anatomy of the industrial order
DBW, Huron, King's HD21.D7

Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management
HD31.D7742 1998

Post Capitalist Society
HC59.15.D78 1993

Power and Democracy in America
DBW stack HN57.P6

The Practice of Management
DBW, RDL, TAY, Huron, King's HD70.U5D7

Preparing Tomorrow's Business Leaders Today
RDL HD31.P735

Technology, Management and Society
DBW stack T56.D78

Toward the Next Economics, and Other Essays
DBW stack HD31.D775

The Unseen Revolution: How pension fund socialism came to America
Brescia HD7106.U5D78 1976


The New Realities...
Business Week, Dec. 11, 1989, p. 19
Foreign Affairs, Fall, 1989, p. 202 (DBW)
Management Today, Aug. 1989, p. 108
The Economist, July 29, 1989, p. 72
Business Week, June 26, 1989, p. 115
New York Times Book Review, June 18, 1989, p. 15 (DBW)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship...
Inc., Aug. 1988, p. 20
Quarterly Review of Marketing, Spr/Summer 1987, p. 38

Frontiers of Management...
Inc., Oct. 1987, p. 24
National Productivity Review, Summer 1987, p. 282
National Review, June 5, 1987, p. 43 (DBW)
Management Today, April 1987, p. 31

Books ON Drucker

Beatty, Jack . The world according to Peter Drucker HD30.5.B4 1998

Bonaparte,Tony H. and John E. Flaherty (ed) Peter Drucker, contributions to business enterprise. HD31.B64

Cohen, William. Drucker on Leadership: New Lessons from the Father of Modern Management. HD57.7.C6426 2010

Cohen, William. A class with Drucker : the lost lessons of the world's greatest Management Teachers HD31.C589 2008

Flaherty, John E.Peter Drucker : shaping the managerial mind HD31.F537 1999 and Electronic Resource

Hass Edersheim. Elizabeth. The definitive Drucker. DBW HD31.E356 2007

Krames, Jeffrey A. Inside Drucker's brain HD31.K6917 2008

Maciariello, Joseph and Karen Linkletter.  Drucker's Lost Art of Management: Peter Drucker's Timeless Vision for Building Effective Organizations HD31.M28129 2011

Pearce, Craig L. ,and Joseph A. Maciariello (ed) The Drucker difference : what the world's greatest management thinker means to today's business leaders HD57.7.D75 2010

Rigby, Rhymer. 28 Business Thinkers Who Changed The World. HC29.R54 2011

Rosenstein, Bruce . Living in more than one world how Peter Drucker's wisdom can inspire and transform your life Electronic Resource

Tarrant, John J. Drucker : the man who invented the corporate society HD31.D78T3

For information about the process of finding more book reviews, see the Business Library handout - "Book Reviews For Business Students".


(written by Drucker)

"Trade lessons from the world economy", Foreign Affairs, Vol: 73 Iss: 1 Date: Jan/Feb 1994 p: 99­108. DBWPER D410.F6

"Professionals' productivity", Across the Board, Vol: 30 Iss: 9 Date: Nov/Dec 1993 p: 50.

"Tomorrow's manager", Success, Vol: 40 Iss: 8 Date: Oct 1993 p: 80. Journal available only on CD­Rom.

"Retailing in a post­capitalist society", Stores, Vol: 75 Iss: 8 Date: Aug 1993 p: RBR1­RBR4.

"The end of Japan, Inc.? An economic monolith fractures", Foreign Affairs, Vol:72 Iss:2 Date:Spring 1993 p:10­15. DBWPER D410.F6

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p: 16­22.

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"Management: The Problems of Success", Academy of Management Executive, Vol: 1 Iss: 1 Date: Feb 1987 p: 13­19.

(written by Drucker)


"Drucker on Management: The Five Deadly Business Sins"
Oct 21, 1993 Sec: A p: 18

"Drucker on Management: Six Rules for Presidents"
Sep 22, 1993 Sec: A p: 20

"Drucker on Management: The Retail Revolution"
Jul 15, 1993 Sec: A p: 12

"Drucker on Management: We Need to Measure, Not Count"
Apr 13, 1993 Sec: A p: 18

"Drucker on Management: China's Growth Area, The Service Sector"
Mar 3, 1993 Sec: A p: 14

"Drucker on Management: A Turnaround Primer"
Feb 2, 1993 Sec: A p: 14

"Drucker on Management: Be Data Literate ­­ Know What"
Dec 1, 1992 Sec: A p: 16

"Drucker on Management: The Economy's Power Shift"
Sep 24, 1992 Sec: A p: 16

"Drucker on Management: Planning for Uncertainty"
Jul 22, 1992 Sec: A p: 12

"Board of Contributors: Where the New Markets Are"
Apr 9, 1992 Sec: A p: 14

"Drucker on Management: There's More Than One Kind Of Team"
Feb 11, 1992 Sec: A p: 16

"Drucker on Management: It Profits Us to Strengthen"
Dec 19, 1991 Sec: A p: 14

"Drucker on Management: Japan: New Strategies for a New Reality"
Oct 2, 1991 Sec: A p: 12

"Secrets of the U.S. Export Boom"
Aug 1, 1991 Sec: A p: 12

"The Big Three Miss Japan's Crucial Lesson"
Jun 18, 1991 Sec: A p: 18

"Drucker on Management: A Better Way to Pay for College"
May 9, 1991 Sec: A p: 14

"Board of Contributors: Don't Change Corporate Culture ­­ Use It!" Mar 28, 1991 Sec: A p: 14

"Drucker on Management: How to be Competitive Though"
Feb 7, 1991 Sec: A p: 14

"Drucker on Management: Permanent Cost Cutting"
Jan 11, 1991 Sec: A p: 10

"Drucker on Management: Marketing 101 for a Fast­Changing"
Nov 20, 1990 Sec: A p: 20

"Drucker on Management: Mexico's Ugly Duckling ­­ The Maquiladora"
Oct 4, 1990 Sec: A p: 20

"Drucker on Management: Making Managers of Communism's Bureaucrats"
Aug 15, 1990 Sec: A p: 8

"Drucker on Management: Junk Central Europe's Factories and Start Over"
Jul 19, 1990 Sec: A p: 10

"Drucker on Management: Manage by Walking Around ­­ Outside"
May 11, 1990 Sec: A p: 12

"Drucker on Management: Help Latin America and Help Ourselves"
Mar 20, 1990 Sec: A p: 18

"Japan's Not­So­Secret Weapon"
Jan 9, 1990 Sec: A p: 14

"From Dangerous Liaisons to Alliances for Progress"
Sept. 8, 1989, p. A12

"Sell the Mailroom"
July 25, 1989, p. A16

"The 10 Rules for Effective Research"
May 30, 1989, p. A16

"Information and the Future of the City"
April 4, 1989, p. A16

"New Age Sessions are the Same Old Brainwashing"
Feb. 9, 1989, p. A20

"U.S. - Japan Trade Needs, A Reality Check"
Jan. 10, 1989, p. A18

"The Non-Profits Quiet Revolution"
Sept. 8, 1988, p. 26

"Worker's Hands Bound by Tradition"
Aug. 2, 1988, p. 18

"Strategies For Survival in Europe in 1993"
July 12, 1988, p. 32

"Low Wages No Longer Give Competitive Edge"
March 16, 1988, p. 26

"Best R&D is Business-Driven"
Feb. 10, 1988, p. 20

"The Mystery of the Business Leader"
Sept. 19, 1987, p. 38

"Management Lessons of Irangate"
Mar. 24, 1987, p. 32

Web Sites

See the Drucker Archives site for further information.

For a Canadian site see "Leader to Leader Institute" (formerly the Drucker Foundation) at http://www.drucker.com