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Economics and Finance Web Sites

Economics and Finance Web Sites

These sites are ones that generally provide free information. For access to additional data and to proprietary resources, students should browse our list of Business Databases.

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Library subject guides:

The following are topical guides and websites created by the business library staff, relating to economics and finance.

Accounting Derivatives Financial Ratios REITS
Annual Reports Economic Indicators Hedge Funds  US Savings & Loans Fiasco
Bear Markets Finance Resources Industry Norms & Ratios   Value Investing
Bonds Financial Crisis 2009 Insider Trading, JVs, M&As  Venture Capital
Crash of 1987 Financial Literacy Investment Education  

Omnibus Sites:

  • Statistical Sites on the Worldwide Web: Hosted by the U.S. Department of Labor, this site provides a convenient starting point to locate statistical agencies around the world.
  • Yahoo Finance: Contains stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message boards, and mortgage rates. A good source to use to look up ticker symbols.
  • Google Finance: Finance news and market summaries.

Canadian Sites:

  • Bank of Canada Financial Statistics: Data on interest rates, exchange rates, money market yields, inflation and more.
  • Department of Finance: Budget information, Annual Financial Reports, Fiscal Reference Tables, taxation, tariff and trade information and publications.
  • Canada: Canada’s official web site. Statistics, on-line forms and contacts, including a directory of government departments and employees.
  • Industry Canada: Provides business and consumer information.
  • Ontario. Ministry of Finance: Provincial budget and Ontario’s financial accounts.
  • Provinces and Territories: Links to the official government websites of Canada’s provinces and territories.
  • Canadian Sources: Links to Canadian Banks and Business Directories.

General Data Sources:

Exchange Rates:

  • Oanda.com: Provides currency and foreign exchange rates to investor’s travelers and online businesses. Includes Currency Conversion and Localization, Decision Support Tools for Institutional Investors and Currency Markets Transactions Services.
  • XE: A foreign exchange rate calculator that is up-to-date.
  • What was the exchange rate?: Lists historical exchange rates versus the U.S. dollar for 40 countries. With the exception of the U.K., all the data is from the 20th century (U.K. data begins in 1791). 
  • Monetary  Standards and Exchange Rates by Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Lawrence H. Officer and Annalisa Rosseli. 


  • Yahoo Finance Bonds Center: Contains new and information as well as tools (rates, charts, etc) and a bond screener.
  • Bank of Canada: Canadian interest rates, Selected bond yields and treasury bill yields, money market yields, U.S. interest rates, yield curves for zero-coupon and more.
  • Bonds Online: Search results include Moody and S&P bond ratings as well as prices. News and commentary are also available.
  • Investing in Bonds: Source of bond price information and includes a wide variety of market data, news, commentary and information about bonds.
  • Bloomberg Rates and Bonds: Includes key rates, mortgage rates, U.S. treasuries, municipal bonds, and related news.
  • Canadian Business Online: Bond information includes current news, banker's acceptance, commercial paper, Treasury bill, US bond & notes, US swaps, and US other.

Annual Reports:

  • SEDAR: The System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval contains the public filings of all Canadian public companies and investment funds starting around 1997.
  • EDGAR: This SEC site begins c1994 and provides public filings by U.S. corporations.
  • Business Library Company Information Site: Guide to annual reports holdings of the Business Library.