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Almanac Of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios / Leo Troy

HF5681.R25A45 2005

Financial data based on IRS tax returns for 192 industries. Includes CD-ROM in Acrobat format.
Annual Statement Studies / Robert Morris Associates. HF5681.B2R56 2011/2012 Financial data derived from the statements of commercial bank borrowers and prospects. Approximately 600 SIC's are covered. Data are organized by the size of the company. View a sample page with Adobe Acrobat.
Beta definitions by database Beta by database page A chart listing all the databases available via the library that provide measures of beta, and how each database measures it.
Bloomberg Professional Service [online] Business Library Database
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Provides Financial Analysis Ratios for publicly traded companies on all international exchanges.
The Relative Value function tables company ratios against competitors including an industry average.
Business Expense Survey Report available from US Census Provides data on operating expenses for companies in a wide range of industries.
Bond Ratings & Commercial Paper Ratings / Dominion Bond Rating Service HG5151.D653 DBRS rates over 500 corporate and government issuers of commercial paper and long term debt. DBRS also rates numerous foreign companies that have accessed Canadian capital markets. As well as providing company fundamentals and ratios they also produce industry studies with aggregate industry numbers.
Dun & Bradstreet Industry Norms & Ratio Full description and location/access information here. Dun & Bradstreet's Industry Norms and Ratios database provides financial information and ratios for industries in Canada. The data are based on the compilation and analysis of more than 55,000 public and private companies from approximately 800 different lines of
Factiva WWW access (Internet Explorer only) Use Company Quick Search function to view ratios. Industry averages are also available. sample
Financial and Taxation Statistics for Enterprises / Statistics Canada

Internet Access - HA748.9.A2 61-C219

Contains balance sheet and income statements as well as ratios for Canadian companies, grouped by industry. Internet access up to 2003 through the catalogue.
Financial Performance Indicators / Statistics Canada The most recent edition (2003 data) is available electronically through Equinox Data Delivery System Contains information on the financial performance and balance sheets of Canadian businesses. These indicators were developed using the income tax returns of about 1,000,000 corporations, along with data from Statistics Canada's quarterly and annual programs of financial statistics for enterprises.
The Financial Post Investment Reports. Company reports. HG4503.F4722
or internet access
Extensive financial data, news and recommendations from over 500 Canadian companies. Our library retains an archive of 25,000 cards dating back as far as the 1940's. Reports from 2001 forward are archived on CD. Current reports are online.
The Financial Post Investment Reports. Industry Reports. HG4503.F4722 Industry data summarized from 23 sectors. Updated monthly.
Investment Reporter / Canadian Business Service

Old reports are shelved with the bound journals.

Financial information, news and outlook for approximately 250 Canadian companies. Arranged by sector. Companies are updated every four months.
IRS Corporate Financial Ratios HF5681.R25I78 2005 This comprehensive annual reference features 76 key financial ratios calculated from the latest income statement and balance sheet data available from Internal Revenue Service corporate tax returns.One page per NAICS industry (over 250 in all) shows ratios for profitable firms versus firms with losses in up to four asset size classes. The extensive introduction fully describes each ratio, including how to calculate and interpret each financial ratio.
Mergent's Industry Review / Moody's Investors Service


see also: Mergent Online

Provides financial information on approximately 3500 companies, organized into 137 industry groups. Companies are also ranked against their competitors, within each financial ratio.
Industry Canada Financial Performance Data tool WWW - Internet Benchmarking ratios for SMEs compiled from Revenue Canada tax returns.
The Value Line Investment Survey Reserve HG4501.V26
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Financials, news and forecasts for over 1700 companies and 90 industries.
Sample Page: Canadian Pacific

Selected Books

Buchanan, Anne L. R3=ratios, ratings and reference : ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, June 26, 1995
Z675.B8R15 1996

IRS corporate financial ratios
HF5681.R25I78 1989

Ketz, J. Edward A cross-industry analysis of financial ratios : comparabilities and corporate performance
HF5681.R25K48 1990

Spurga, Ronald C. Balance sheet basics : financial management for non-financial managers
HF5681.B2S63335 1987

Temple, Peter Magic numbers : the 33 key ratios that every investor should know
HF5681.R25T45 2002

Troy, Leo Manual of performance ratios for business analysis and profit evaluation (ratios from 1948 to 1964)

Tyran, Michael R. Handbook of business and financial ratios
HF5681.R25T97 1986

Walsh, Ciaran Key management ratios : how to analyse, compare and control the figures that drive company value
HF5681.W357 1993