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  • The MLA International Bibliography is a subject index for books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics. It is produced by the Modern Language Association (MLA), an organization dedicated to the study and teaching of language and literature. Literatures from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America are represented , and while the majority of records are from English-language publications,  at least sixty other languages are represented including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Swedish.
  • LION is both a portal to full-text British and American literature, and an index to secondary material about international literature, full-text journals (over 200 in the 2008 release) and author biographies. Authors writing in any language, and in a range of media and disciplines, who are relevant to scholars and students of literary studies are included in the database.
  • JSTOR provides access to full-text, full-image, scholarly literature. The growing database contains the archives of major research journals in a variety of academic disciplines. JSTOR offers the scanned image of each journal page as it was originally designed, printed, and illustrated. Coverage for each journal starts with the very first issue, many of which date from the 1800's. For any overview of search strategies see JSTOR's Search Help.   Most content dates from the first issue of a journal to approximately 5 years ago , so JSTOR is usually not a source for the most current articles.

  • Archive of hundreds of digitized arts, humanities and social sciences journals with strong U.K. and European content. Newest material is 5 years old.

  • C.E.E.O.L. is an online archive which provides access to full text PDF articles from 360 humanities and social science journals and re-digitized documents pertaining to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European topics.

  • International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) is the leading interdisciplinary bibliography of the European Middle Ages, covering Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the period 400-1500.  The database provides coverage of some 4500 periodicals and 5000 miscellany volumes (conference proceedings, essay collections, Festschriften and exhibition catalogues). All articles are classified with full bibliographical details and subject classifications and indexing familiar to medievalists.
  • ITER's bibliography includes literature pertaining to the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700). Citations for books, journal material (articles, reviews, review articles, bibliographies, catalogues, abstracts and discographies) are included, as are citations for essays in books (including entries in conference proceedings, festschriften, encyclopedias and exhibition catalogues). For a complete list of titles indexed, click here.
  • Germanistik is a bibliography of journal articles and books covering the study of German language and literature and associated fields.  Subjects covered include all historical stages of the German language, current German, German as a foreign language, dialectology, Yiddish, general linguistics and linguistic theory, aesthetics, rhetoric, comparative literary studies, old Nordic literary history, and all epochs of German literary history up to theatre, film and media studies.

    Full text is available for 2007 onward.  Print volumes for Germanistik are: 
    1998 - 2008 DBW periodical NO LOAN Z7037.G4
    1963 - 1997 ARCC Delivery LIB USE ONLY Z7037.G4



  • A reference work of German, Swiss German, and Austrian literary history from the Carolingian period and early Middle Ages up to the Unification of Germany in 1990.

  • Two volumes in print  DBW reference NO LOAN  PT91.E53 2000.

    Contains articles on authors, works, movements, and periods includes bibliographies for most topics.

  • The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, in both print and online format, covers the spectrum of topics related to ethical and political, cross-cultural,interdisciplinary, continental and contemporary philosophy. It is an invaluable resource for all levels of users; students and general readers gain a rapid orientation with accessiblesummaries at the beginning of every in-depth article. Print edition is available at DBW reference B51.R68 1998.

  • Oxford Art Online provides regularly updated web access to the entire text of the encyclopedic 34-volume The Dictionary of Art, DBW reference N 31.D5 1996 and The Oxford Companion to Western Art, DBW reference N33.O923 2001. Included is information on all aspects of art from prehistory to the present day.


Primary Resources

  • A full-text, full-image archive of materials published in Britain and Europe between 1701 to 1800. The entire ECCO collection provides access to the digital images of every page of 150,000 books published during the 18th century.  Topics include drama, poetry, ballads, religion, grammar, dictionaries, songs from plays, satire, book catalogues, etc. Languages include English, Dutch, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Dutch, Welsh, and others.

  • This database is a project of the Bodleian Library and the Humanities Division of the University of Oxford. Coverage includes letters and document sources, such as manuscripts and early printed editions, scholarly annotations, as well as links to biographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, and other online resources.

    Original-language editions are available in: French, German, Dutch, permitting researchers to study works in translation or language of origin.