Western Libraries

Research Tools

These tools will save you time while conducting your research

  1. Search for private funding opportunities using The Canadian Directory to Foundations and Corporations and UWO's Research Funding Web Page - Please also see the COS (Community of Science) Funding Opportunities Database provided by Research Western
  2. Map citations using Scopus
  3. Organize your references using RefWorks
  4. Analyze your data using SurveyMonkey
  5. Write collaboratively using Google Docs
  6. Evaluate journals for publication using Journal Citation Reports* and Eigenfactor.org

*Tip: When searching Journal Citation Reports for nursing journals, try BOTH the Science Edition and the Social Sciences Edition.

Also, don't forget these major government research funding bodies**:

Check their Funding Opportunities Database
Check their Funding Information Page
Check their Funding Information Page
**Tip: SSHRC supports research and research training in nursing intended to make a contribution to the social sciences or humanities, such as sociological, psychological or management research. Proposals designed to advance knowledge in nursing as a health science profession (e.g., physiological and clinical research) should be directed to CIHR.