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Bank of Canada  is the nation's central bank. It is responsible for keeping inflation low, stable, and predictable; designing and issuing bank notes; promoting safe, sound, and efficient financial systems; and providing high-quality, effective, and efficient funds-management and central banking services for the federal government. Their website provides access to the major publications from the Bank of Canada.

1996 - Annual Reports or
1940 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55A569 Annual report of the Governor to the Minister of Finance and statement of accounts. 

1994- Bank of Canada Review  or
1972 -2002 DBW govt HA745.9.F5B361

2002 -   Financial System Review  or
2002 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55F567

1995 - Monetary Policy Report  or
1995 - 2000 ARCC, 2001 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55M66

1997 - Weekly Financial Statistics  or
1982 - 1991RDL JL103.9.F554W44

The Department of Finance, Canada produces a number of important fiscal documents:

1995 - Annual Financial Report of the Government of Canada or 1993-2007 DBW govt HA745.9.F5A56. This publication covers the government's spending and revenue performance for the fiscal year.

Budget 2009 This web site, from the Department of Finance, Canada,  you can read the full text of the budget speech or see an overview or the Budget at a Glance.

The text of the Budget Speech for 2009 may also be found in the House of Commons Debates for January 27, 2009, under Chamber Business.  

Budget 2008 This web site also provides access to federal budgets from 1994 forwards in pdf format.

Budget  Papers Tabled in the House of Commons, DBW govt JL 103.9.F55B834

The Treasury Board of Canada provides oversight of the financial management functions in Canadian government departments and agencies.

Estimates: 1996/97 - 

Part 1: The Government Expenditure Plan
Part 2: Main Estimates
Part 3: Reports on Plans and Priorities and
Departmental Performance Reports
1883/84, 1913/14 -  DBW govt  JL 103.9.F55E88   

Fiscal Monitor: 1996 -
This monthly newsletter presents highlights and details of the government's fiscal performance including revenues and expenses, budgetary balance, federal debt and financial sources.
1986 - DBW govt JL103.9.F55F572

Finances of the Nation
Contains information on federal government finances previously published in The National finances, and on provincial and local finances previously published in Provincial and municipal finances.
1995 - 2001 DBW govt HA 745.9.F5F56
2002 Internet
2003 Internet
2004 Internet
2005 Internet 

Canadian Economy Online
From Statistics Canada it offers a wealth of current economic statistics for Canada and the provinces; consult Economic Concepts  for definitions of Canadian economic concepts.


Public Accounts 2008: The Public Accounts report the actual spending of the government, usually two years later.
1917/18-1922/23,1924/25 -  DBW govt JL 103.9.F55P83
Vol 1: Summary report & financial statements
Vol 2 part 1: Details of expenditures & revenues
Vol 2 part 2: Additional information and analysis.


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