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  Janice Gurney:
Translations of Marcus Aurelius with the Addition of Books,
Ephemera and Artworks

All the objects placed in these vitrines are linked to Marcus Aurelius, his life, and his Meditations. They include books from my personal collections of all the different English translations of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, other books about him and about Stoicism and the "good life".  All are gathered together along with objects connected to my experiences of Marcus Aurelius and Rome - postcards, photographs, a copy of a roman coin, a fridge magnet, a fragment of an amphora, and
a small copy of a complete one.

There are also artworks that I made with selected Meditations – two handmade books, an audio CD and painting of the punctuation taken from a translation.
These works are part of a large on-going project.

Another section of this project titled All the Spaces is currently on exhibition at the McIntosh Gallery



 If you wish to contribute an exhibit in the Interior Display cases or, have suggestions for display topics please send an email to The D. B. Weldon Library.





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