LQ 2007 Action Report

LibQUAL Action Report

In March 2007, Western Libraries conducted a survey to gain some feedback on library service quality. We have been analysing data including over 1300 comments received. Important issues identifed across the Libraries include physical space, resources and services. Below is the start of our action report to keep you informed of our progress. Some requests for improvement will take longer to address because of the complexity of issues involved and/or because of additional resources needed to effect change.

You Told UsWhat We're Doing About It


Education Library: stacks are overcrowded and there is poor air quality Over the past two years, Education staff have undertaken a major collection project to relocate low use materials thus making room for new items. At the same time, major cleaning of the Stack Area was undertaken.  This project is now completed and users have improved access to the research collection and the environment is clean and comfortable. Summer 2009
Music Library: there is overcrowding - lack of space for study and research and library materials Western Libraries is conducting a study of space use in the Music Library to gather information for use in future planning. In the first phase we gathered quantitative data on space use at both high and low use periods of the year. A second phase of the study to gather qualitative data will be carried out in the fall 2009.   Information gathered will be used for planning future development of the Music Library. First phase 2008.  Second phase of study fall 2009.  The results when available will be posted to the Music Library Web site. 
Business Library: facilities needed upgrade to create a quiet and comfortable place to work that also was not overcrowded

Renovation project included:

  • repainting,
  • additional seating,
  • softer lighting,
  • new chairs,
  • carpeting,
  • two seminar/discussion rooms added
In the summer of 2009 the University announced a new building for Ivey would soon be under construction.  Planning for the library within that new structure is underway.  LibQUAL comments that informed the renovation continue to be relevant as we plan new user space, particularly in terms of the numbers of seats:  we hope to add more.  We will be continuing to consult with users as plans progress.

October 2007



Website redesign: upgrade needed to eliminate library jargon, make the Web site more intuitive, and improve access to resources Western Libraries redesigned its Website in 2008, including a new content management system. The team implementing the new design consulted widely with the academic community.  Western Libraries continues to invite input on the Website to improve Web services. Launched 18 August 2008
Sunrays are very slow during busy times

Western Libraries purchased an additional server that was on-stream by mid-December 2007. We also have the option of purchasing more additional servers if required.

We upgraded our login servers to the latest Operating system, and Sun Ray software release.

We moved the Electronic Instruction Room in Weldon Library and the Kellog Room in Taylor Library to their own server.

First server mid-December 2007. Addititional servers if required January 2008 and March 2008.

Summer 2009.

Fall 2009

Noise. It's too noisy!

During the exam period in December 2007 Western Libraries launched an SOS campaign urging students to keep our spaces productive for research and study by preserving the 'Sound Of Silence'. Table top signs and posters were displayed prominently in all library locations in the week leading up to and throughout the exam period. An information bulletin on locating appropriate study space and using it respectfully was also posted on the library website.

In the Fall of 2008 Western Libraries gathered feedback from its users regarding various 'library etiquette' issues, including noise. As a result of the feedback a working group made several recommendations seeking to improve the overall environment of Western Libraries' physical locations; among these recommendations was the establishment of 'Learning Zones' in libraries. Learning Zones designate an area to be either 'Conversation Friendly', 'Quiet Study' or 'Silent Study'. Since the introduction of these zones in Spring 2009 excessive noise has become less of a problem across Western Libraries.

While the SOS campaign ceased at the end of the exam period in December 2007, the push to encourage appropriate use of library space for all continued with additional campaigns in 2008.

Introduction of "Learning Zones" in the the Spring 2009 has resulted in a division of quieter spaces "Quiet" and "Silent" zones from group study "Conversation Friendly" areas.




Earlier opening hours needed on weekends in at least one library. At the beginning of November 2007, The D.B. Weldon Library began opening an hour earlier on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and continued with the earlier opening through the academic term. November 2007
Extended Weekend Hours - Law Library: Hours need to be longer on Fridays and Weekends, especially during exam periods Evening hours were redistributed to allow the Law Library to offer two "Super" Weekends before the exam period in the Fall and Spring terms (10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the Saturday and Sunday.

December 1 and 2, 2007

April 12 and 13, 2008

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