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Teaching Support

Our team can help you incorporate library research and information assessment skills into your courses. We can provide custom content for your OWL site, guest lecture, and help your students meet their learning outcomes.

Research Help

Whether you’re a student, researcher, or faculty member, we’ll help you ask the right questions and search in the right places to approach your research with confidence.

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Team Members

Bobby Glushko (Associate Chief Librarian)

  • Kim McPhee (Head)
  • Kelly Hatch
  • Denise Horoky
  • Kathy Ioannidis
  • Roxanne Isard
  • Christy Sich
  • Dan Sich
  • Marg Sloan
  • Stephen Spong
  • Meagan Stanley
  • Sam Vettraino
  • Shiyi Xie