Stars of the Town FAQ

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What places are included in the Stars of the Town film series?
The series totals 85 individual DVDs representing 88 different places. View the list here.

How do I order a DVD?

Please click on the "contact Western Archives" link below and indicate which film(s) you wish to purchase. Someone will contact you to arrange the transaction. Contact Western Archives.

How much do the films cost?
Each DVD costs $20.00 tax included. There is an additional cost of $3.00 for shipping.

Are the films available in other formats (e.g VHS)?
The films are available in DVD format only.

How long is each film?
Most films run between 15 and 30 minutes but a few are shorter

If I want more than one community on a DVD, can I order it?
No. Each DVD includes only one place (see list for exceptions as indicated by an asterisk).

Why does the quality of the films vary?
Every effort has been made to produce a quality product, however, given the age and deterioration of the original films and the limitations of the 8mm camera technology available in the 1940s, not all the inherent flaws in the original films have been or can be corrected.

How long will it take for me to receive a copy of a film after I place an order?
Due to the significant number of requests that have been received to date, the current turnaround time for a copy of a single film is at least 4 weeks. Multiple orders may take longer, depending on the number of films requested. We appreciate everyone's patience as we try to fill the orders as quickly as possible.