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The following lists some of the instructors from the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Western Ontario from 1882 to 1965. Deans appointed during this time, although not listed here, would also be included in this list as they would have held positions as faculty members before being appointed Deans.

The Faculty of Medicine 1882 - 1965

John R. Armstrong

John A. Macgregor

Faculty of Medicine Sign - 1912
Faculty of Medicine Sign for 1912

James D. Balfour

A. D. McLachlin

Norman H. Beal

Henry Meek

Francis S. Brien

William J. Mitchell

William J. Brown

E. G. D. Murray

Herbert Hays Bullard

Charles F. Neu

Eldon D. Busby

Robert L. Noble

J. B. Campbell

George A. Ramsay

Charles C. Cline

Roger Rossiter

Theodore H. Coffey

Edwin Seaborn

John Dearness

John A. Stevenson

Walter M. English

William P. Tew

Robert Ferguson

William J. Tillman

J. H. Fisher

Septimus Thompson

Donald Blair Fraser

Earle M. Watson

A. J. Grant

W. E. Waugh

George C. Hale

William J. Weekes

F. T. Harrison

Ernest L. Williams

Dr. G. Edgar Hobbs

Hadley T. Williams

George Hodge

John Wishart

T. K. Holmes


F. W. Luney


The date range indicates the tenure of the instructors at The University of Western Ontario.

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