Dr. John A. Macgregor

Dr. John A. Macgregor
Faculty of Medicine

Tenure 1904 - 1925

Dr. John Macgregor was born in 1882. He graduated from high school at an early age and that prohibited him from immediately attending medical school. Due to his keen interest, Dr. Macgregor attended lectures before being allowed entrance to the Faculty of Medicine at Western. Dr. Macgregor graduated in 1892 and started a rural practice near Chatham before moving to Nebraska. In 1902 he opened a practice in Dutton, Ontario before moving to London where in 1904 he began teaching pathology and bacteriology.

Dr. Macgregor retired from the Faculty in 1925 and continued to practice medicine. He was awarded the LL.D. in 1931. Dr. Macgregor died in 1939 and due to his service to the Faculty and medical community, a memorial fund was created upon his death that is used for the annual John A. Macgregor Memorial Lecture in Pathology.