Dr. Edwin Seaborn
Photo is RC 361 from the Regional Photograph Collection,
Western University Archives

Dr. Edwin Seaborn
Commanding Officer, the No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital

Made shortly after outbreak of World War I, Western University’s initial offer to establish a hospital unit for overseas service was declined by the government. In March, 1916, Dr. Seaborn, Dr. McCallum and Dr. Beal, on behalf of the Medical Faculty, requested that the University renew its offer. Appointed by the Board of Governors to present the offer, President Braithwaite and Dr. Seaborn met with A.E. Kemp, Acting Minister of Militia, in Ottawa on March 22. The War Office accepted the offer to furnish a 400-bed hospital on April 28, 1916.

The Board of Governors named Dr. Seaborn commanding officer of the No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital on May 2, 1916. A committee consisting of Braithwaite, C.R. Somerville, Dr. McCallum and J.W. Little, was appointed by the Board to assist Seaborn in the selection of the medical and nursing staff.

The unit embarked for England in July and August, 1916. While many of the original members were dispersed to other facilities, Seaborn and the remaining personnel assumed the operation of hospitals in Sussex before proceeding to Calais, France in December, 1917. While in operation, the No. 10 hospital treated more than 16,000 patients. Demobilized in April, the unit returned to London in May, 1919.