Dr. William P. Tew

Dr. William P. Tew
Faculty of Medicine

Tenure 1927 - 1957

Born in 1889, Dr. William P. Tew taught elementary school before entering medical school. Dr. Tew graduated from the University of Toronto in 1916. In 1919 he was commissioned as Surgeon Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Dr. Tew completed postgraduate work in obstetrics and gynecology before opening a practice in London in 1920.

In 1927 he accepted an administrative position in the Department of Medicine. He also worked as an instructor of obstetrics and gynecology until his promotion to full professorship in 1936.

Dr. Tew retired from Western in 1957 but remained in practice until 1973. He was awarded the LL.D. honorary degree in 1965. Dr. Tew died in 1976.