From the 1903 beginnings of the medical school team to the 1991 national championships, Western basketball has had five all-Canadians, twelve Olympians, and one inductee into the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame. No easy walk on the court, the remarkable ups and disappointing downs are well documented at the JP Metras Sports Museum and in the Western Archives. Through various images and ephemera, this exhibit explores the games, players, and coaches that established men's rich basketball tradition at the university. To learn about women's basketball, click here.


Jennifer Bonder, Pamela Pal


Origins of Basketball

A brief introduction to the general history of the sport in the United States and Canada.

Beginnings, 1903-1923

Basketball at Western has its roots in the 1903 medical school, or ''Medicos'' team.

Growing Years, 1924-1943

Throughout these growing years, the Western Mustangs joined the senior intercollegiate ranks as changing coaches, players, rules, and rivalries pushed the team to new heights and new facilities.

Metras Years, 1944-1963

As head coach of men's basketball from 1943 to 1964, John Metras led the Mustangs to fourteen senior intercollegiate championships.

"Lean Years," 1964-1984

After much success, the most trying times for the basketball Mustangs came in the years 1964-84.

Comeback, 1985-2005

After two disappointing decades, the Mustangs headed toward the twenty-first century ready to win.