John Stiefelmeyer

Originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario, John Stiefelmeyer joined the basketball Mustangs in the 1986-87 season. The 6’6” forward became a force to be reckoned with during his five seasons on the team. Over the course of his run with the Mustangs, Stieflemeyer racked up an impressive 1,317 points and was named as an All-Canadian player four times.

He was also the recipient of more than eight awards and trophies for his achievements.These included the EC LeBel Plaque for top vote-getter in the Ontario University Athletic Association (OUAA) West Division three times; the Kitch MacPherson Trophy for outstanding player in the entire OUAA championship twice; and the Dr. Claude Brown Memorial Trophy for being Western’s most outstanding athlete in 1991.

John Stiefelmeyer, 1989-90

John Stiefelmeyer in his third season with the Mustangs, 1989-90.

He rounded out his five seasons with the team with a national championship win at the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union (CIAU) tournament in the 1990-91 season. Much like 1960s star player Marnix Heersink, Stiefelmeyer suffered from a knee injury while playing during their champion- ship season.  But instead of getting surgery to correct the problem he decided to play through it, out of fear that the recovery time from surgery would affect his ability to play the rest of the season.

His devotion to the game and the team was noticeable in his willingness to play despite the pain. Unfortunately, it only got worse, when he tore part of his knee further during a game on January 30th, 1991. His commitment paid off, though, as the Mustangs won the CIAU championship for the first time and Stiefelmeyer was awarded the Mike Moser Trophy as outstanding male basketball player in the CIAU and the Jack Donohue Trophy as MVP of the tournament.

That was John Stiefelmeyer’s last season as a Mustang. From there he went on to put his basketball past behind him in the future as a manager of Coca-Cola in Toronto, Ontario.

John Stiefelmeyer's Basketball

The special basketball awarded to John Stiefelmeyer for his outstanding record in the Ontario University Athletic Association tournaments. He racked up an amazing 1,317 points over his career.