Other Notable Players

Over the course of the twenty year "Comeback" period, the basketball Mustangs had quite a few other notable players who deserve recognition. These include:

Chris Cavender (years active: 1982-86) three-time Conference All-Star and one-time honourable mention All-Canadian

Pete Vandebovenkamp (years active: 1984-88; 1990-91) co-captain of the 1990-91 national championship winning Mustangs, MVP of the national championship game and one-time Ontario University Athletcs (OUA) West All-Star

Jeff Petter (years active: 1985-90) League All-Star and one time team MVP

Mike Lynch (years active: 1990-94; 1995-96) four-time Conference All-Star, two-time OUA leading scorer, one-time honourable mention All-Canadian and also a rookie on the national championship team

Nat Graham (years active: 1998-2000) two-time Conference All-Star and one-time All-Canadian

Jimmy Grozelle (years active: 1998-2002) rookie of the year, four-time Conference All-Star, two-time All-Canadian and recipient of the G. Howard Ferguson Graduation Award from The University of Western Ontario for outstanding achievement in athletics, academics and community service in the School of Kinesiology

Adam Peaker (years active: 1999-2004) three-time OUA All-Star, and one-time receipient of the Bob Gage Award for team MVP