For over a century football has been one of the most popular and exciting sports at Western. This exhibit chronicles the development of the football program at Western, from its humble origins in 1908 through the glory days of the 1950s to Western's status as a football powerhouse at the end of the twentieth century.


Adair Harper, Brent Wiankco, Caitlin Dyer


The Development of Canadian Football

Learn about the development of Canadian football from its beginnings as rugby and struggles against American influence.

Early Years

The first football team at Western was formed in 1908. Learn about the development of the football program at Western up until the Second World War.

War Years

Learn about the controversy and development of Mustangs football during the Second World War.

Post-War Rise

In the years following the end of the Second World War, Western’s intercollegiate football teams were reformed, regular seasons resumed, and the university earned a reputation as a football powerhouse.

The 1950s: A Golden Age

Western football blossomed in the 1950s. Crowds were larger, facilities were better, and games were more intense than ever before.

Transitions: the 1960s and the End of an Era

The 1960s brought mixed success and major changes for football at Western.

1970s and 1980s

Find out more about the triumphs and trials of Mustangs football in the 1970s and 1980s.

Modern Memories: Football in the 1990s

Strong players and an international trip to Japan defined football in the 1990s.


Learn about some of the important players and coaches throughout the history of football at Western.

Facilities and Venues

A history of the homes of Western football.