Allen "Albert" Philbrick

Allen Philbrick

Allen "Albert" Philbrick was well known at Western for doing a lap of the field after every Mustangs touchdown. Courtesy of Western News.

Anyone who attended a Mustangs game in the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s probably knew Allen Philbrick. The geography professor also fondly referred to as “Albert” was famous for doing laps after every touchdown the Mustangs scored.

Born in 1914 in Chicago to artistic parents, it was not surprising that Philbrick chose to study Fine Arts when he attended Harvard at the young age of seventeen. Philbrick left university a year short of his degree due the Great Depression. Years later he would finish his degree at the University of Chicago. It was here he would discover his love for geography. After serving five years overseas in the Second World War, Philbrick returned to Chicago to obtain his PhD in geography. After teaching in the US for many years, Philbrick eventually moved to London to help create a geography PhD program at Western.

According to Philbrick, his famous celebration laps began one day when he was out for a run. Noticing that the Mustangs were playing, Philbrick stopped to watch. As he looked on, the Mustangs scored a touchdown. Cosentino remarked that he must bring good luck and a week later asked him if he would be a faculty advisor for the team. Though some faculty accused him of stealing the team’s glory, most of the players and students enjoyed the ritual that he kept up for nearly three decades.

“Albert” continued his touchdown laps until 2000 when, at the age of 86, he called it quits. Allen Philbrick passed away in 2007.

Allen Philbrick's running shorts.

Allen Philbrick's running shoes.