Larry Haylor

Born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in 1946, Haylor was a quarterback at the University of Saskatchewan for the 1966-67 seasons, and served as assistant coach from 1971-73. In 1974, Haylor moved east to Halifax to be the offensive co- coordinator of the Dalhousie Tigers. Before the season was over, he had left for London to work as the offensive co-coordinator with the Mustangs and to teach in the physical education department.

When Darwin Semotiuk decided to step down as head coach, Haylor took over the position. Few expected Haylor to surpass Metras’ record for wins, but by his fourteenth season, the Saskatchewan-born coach had done just that. In his twenty-two season career, Haylor had 178 wins, forty-seven losses and four ties, the most wins ever by a Canadian football coach. During his coaching career, the Mustangs won two Vanier Cups and eight Yates Cups. He has also won Ontario University Athletics Association Coach of the Year six times.

Larry Haylor Retirement Football, View 1

Larry Haylor's retirement football, commemorating the last home game on October 24, 2006.

In addition to teaching and coaching the Mustangs, Haylor was also very involved with the Special Olympics and was a member of the Canadian Amateur Football Association National Sport Research Committee. He retired in 2006. 

Larry Haylor Retirement Football, View 2

Haylor's retirement football, marked "All-Time Winningest Coach in Canadian University Football."