Men's Athletics


Western’s athletic history covers a wide range of sports spanning well over 100 years. Historically, much attention has been devoted to the Mustang football and basketball teams, as is reflected in the general scope of the collections at the JP Metras Sports Museum and Western Archives. However, Western’s rich sports history encompasses more than just football and basketball. In fact, the earliest sport at the university was track and field, which dates back to the late nineteenth century, and the cross country team boasts the most intercollegiate championships at Western. This exhibit explores seventeen sports which add to Western’s rich sports tradition.


Sarah Bennett, Craig Capacchione



Badminton has a long history at Western extending from the 1930s to the present. Western's most competitive years were in the 1970s under coach Dutch Decker.

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Boxing's history at Western, though brief, was not without its successes. Led by Mort Golden, the sport saw its greatest success in the 1930s, with Western winning several intercollegiate championships.

Cross Country

This section contains information on men's cross country at UWO from its first season in 1929 through to the coaching years of Robert Vigars.

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Curling has been played at Western since the 1950s. Through the decades, Western curlers have consistently shown a high level of talent and sportsmanship, and achieved success in intercollegiate competition.

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Originally considered an "assault-at-arms" sport, fencing has had a long tradition at Western. Coming of age in the 1970s, the sport has maintained a consistent level of success up to the present day.

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Starting as a recreational game among Western's football players, the university officially recognized golf as an intercollegiate sport in the 1930s. Since then, the sport has earned respect and popularity as new generations of athletes continue their success on the course.

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Gymnastics had its intercollegiate start at Western in the late 1960s. Under the guidance and determination of coach Bob Vigers, the sport flourished at Western until it was dropped by both the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union and the Ontario Universities Athletic Association in 1993.

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One of Canada’s fondest sports, hockey has a long history at Western. In the early years, students flooded rinks and ponds to play or rented ice from the city until 1975 when Thompson arena was built on campus. The Mustangs team has a competitive history and several athletes have gone on to play in the National Hockey League.

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Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing had a short but interesting history at Western. Starting in the 1930s this exhibit chronicles the brief history of Western's Nordic ski team before it was disbanded in 1996.

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Rowing requires endurance, physical strength, precision and most importantly team work. Western athletes have been on the water as an intercollegiate team since 1957, mastering the art of this challenging sport.

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In 1966, scrums, rucks and mauls officially came to Western as the Mustangs initiated their first intercollegiate rugby team.

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Starting in 1907, soccer has had a long history at Western. The sport has seen its fair share of ups and downs but has maintained a record of strong showings in intercollegiate competition. This section examines soccer's rich history as one of Western's oldest sports traditions.

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Squash began at Western in 1950 and since then has gone on to become one of the most successful sports at the university.

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Though competing with a lack of proper facilities at the start, Western's "Mermen" have achieved success in intercollegiate competition. With greats such as Bob Eynon and Pete Fowler gracing the team's roster, it’s no wonder why swimming has always been a highly regarded sport at Western.

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Western's first intercollegiate tennis competition dates to 1927. Throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century tennis has proven to be a competitive sport at Western.

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Track and Field

Western has always been proud of its track and field athletes. As some of the best all around competitors of any sport, UWO's track and field athletes have gone on to accomplish fame and success both at home and abroad.

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Western began its volleyball program in 1965, but the sport's history at the university goes much deeper. Led by the legendary Dutch Decker, Western's volley ball program would soar to new levels of success through solid intercollegiate competition.

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Profiles of various male athletes and coaches at Western of note. Many of these athletes and coaches participated in multiple sports.