Men's Athletics


After five Canadian boxers won medals at the 1920 Olympic Games in Belgium, boxing quickly grew in popularity in Canada.  At Western, boxing enthusiasts attempted to start a team in 1922 however it wasn’t until 1931 that an official intercollegiate boxing team called the “Western Wildcats” started under coach Bob Orr. For competition purposes, boxing, fencing and wrestling were lumped together as “assault-at-arms” sports.

The 1930s was a successful era for Western boxing, largely due to the presence of boxing star Mort Golden. In fact, the late 1930s have been called the "Golden" era of boxing at Western as Mort Golden led the university to five intercollegiate championships from 1935 to 1940. Additionally, Golden coached the team in the 1939-40 season.

1936 UWO Boxing Team – Intercollegiate Champions

1936 intercollegiate boxing champions. The legendary Mort Golden is seated in the front row on the far left side of the image.

The presence of boxing at Western was short-lived and following the "Golden" era, interest in the sport declined although the boxing team won the inter-collegiate championships in 1945-46. Regardless of this success, by the 1949-50 season, lack of interest in the sport and concern over injuries forced the cancellation of intercollegiate boxing. Boxing never returned as an intercollegiate sport at Western, but it has a strong presence at the community level in the city of London. 

1945-46 UWO Boxing Team – Intermediate Intercollegiate Champions

1945-46 intermediate intercollegiate boxing champions.