Men's Athletics

Jimmy Neale

Jim Neale, 1956

Jimmy Neale helped Western win senior intercollegiate golf championships in 1953-54 and 1955-56. Courtesy of the UWO Student Council.

Jimmy Neale was an all-round athlete, but his sport of choice was golf. Before arriving at Western in 1952, Neale had already placed third at the Ontario Junior Golf Championships and second at the Ontario Amateur Golf Championships.

Once at Western, Neale was instrumental in leading the golf team to two senior intercollegiate champion- ships, one in 1953-54 and the other in 1955-56. Neale went on to play in various US professional golf tournaments, including the US Open in 1956.

Neale’s time at Western also included football and wrestling. Neale wanted to play on the Mustangs' football team but was encouraged by John Metras to participate in wrestling as an off-season training method. Neale ended up as captain of the wrestling team in 1954-55 and then winning the 157lb senior intercollegiate title in 1955-56. He also played for the Western Colts in 1952-53 and 1953-54 before finally playing for the Mustang football team in 1954-55.