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Mort Golden

1939-40 UWO Boxing Team – Intercollegiate Champions

1939-40 UWO boxing team – intercollegiate champions. In this year Mort Golden won the 175lb category and coached the Western boxing team.

The 1930s has been called the “golden era of boxing” at Western – largely due to the accomplishments of the great Mort Golden. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Golden came to Western in 1935 to study medicine. During his five years at Western he won five consecutive intercollegiate titles.

Golden began his boxing career in New York where he won the coveted Golden Glove, a major amateur boxing competition. In his 1935-36 rookie year at Western, Golden entered the 145lb weight category and won his first intercollegiate title with two knockouts. Golden’s rookie victory helped Western achieve its first intermediate boxing championship. In 1936-37, without actually gaining the weight, but instead looking for increased competition, Golden moved up from the 145lb category to the 175lb category and again won the title. In the 1937-38 season, still weighing only 145lbs, Golden won the 165lb title. In 1938-39, Golden won the 165lb category by default because no other competitors dared to face him.

In his final year, Golden competed while at the same time acting as coach of the Western team. For the finals, he entered the 175lb weight category, though he weighed only 165lbs. In his first match he defeated an opponent, 50lbs heavier, two minutes and fifty-seven seconds into the first round. Golden went on to defeat a University of Toronto boxer in sixty-three seconds to win the championship title.