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Phil Mohtadi

Phil Mohtadi And The Molson Trophy

Squash star Phil Mohtadi wearing an OUAA medal and holding the Molson Trophy after winning the men's individual championship in 1976.

Any discussion of the history of squash at Western would be incomplete without mention of Phil Mohtadi. Joining Western’s team in the mid-70s, Mohtadi went on to win several single and team Ontario University Athletic Association (OUAA) championships and was awarded the Dr. Claude Brown Memorial Trophy (awarded to the male sport who has made the greatest contribution to intercollegiate athletics at the university) in 1980. According to assistant coach Don Morrow, “The basis of Phil’s success in this sport is his personal dedication to the game... Mohtadi disciplines himself to a five-day training program involving game situation drills as well as physical fitness routines.”  Phil Mohtadi is only one of many great squash players who added to the rich history of Western’s squash tradition.