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Squash had a later start compared to the other racquet sports. The addition of three squash courts to Thames Hall in 1950 helped the sport to take off. By 1956 there were over two hundred people actively participating in the sport at Western. 

Squash was unable to really come into its own until the 1960s when Jack Fairs took over coaching duties. Fairs had his hands in just about every sport at Western, coaching everything from football to tennis. Fairs brought organization to the squash team, implementing sound techniques and coaching strategies. To drum up interest, he even wrote a regular column in the Campus Sport newspaper, providing various tips and tricks to help improve an individual’s squash form. 

OUAA Champions, US Intercollegiate Champions and Ontario Open Team Champions - UWO 1979-80 Squash Team

1979-80 squash team. This team were OUAA, US intercollegiate, and Ontario Open team champions.

Fairs’ coaching transformed the team and by the 1970s, it had become a force to be reckoned with. From 1970 to 2000, the Mustangs won twenty-six of the thirty Ontario University Athletic Association (OUAA) championships, including seventeen consecutive titles.

A big contributor to Western's success in the 1970s was player Phil Mohtadi. Phil, an all around outstanding player, won several team and singles titles during the 1970s and was awarded the Dr. Claude Brown Memorial Trophy (awarded to the male athlete who has made the greatest contribution to intercollegiate sport at the university) in 1980. To this day, Fairs remains the head coach of the university’s squash program.

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UWO OUAA Squash Champions, 1994-95

OUAA squash champions, 1994-95. Coach Jack Fairs can be seen on the far right of the back row.