Since the early 1900s, well over 100 Western students and alumni have participated in both Summer and Winter Olympic Games.  In particular, Western has produced many Olympic athletes in track and field and rowing, although the achievements of other athletes should not be overshadowed. This exhibit is a closer look at the international achievements of some of Western's greatest athletes. 


Jennifer Nelson, Joanna Dawson


Going for Gold

Competing on the world stage with the best, these international champions have earned their place in Western's sports history. Begin your journey here, as you learn how these athletes are remembered and honoured by Western and the JP Metras Sports Museum.

Female Olympians

Historically not as well supported or popular as male sports, female athletes often had to struggle against lack of funding, inadequate facilities and fewer opportunities for competition.  This section explores these issues and demonstrates how many women overcame such obstacles to reach their goals.

Male Olympians

From bobsleigh to basketball and on ice or on mats, these men have represented Western at the Olympic Games in a range of sports.

Olympians over the Ages

Students, staff and alumni from Western have been competing in Olympic Games for over 100 years.  While it was impossible to tell all of their stories in this exhibit, their participation in the games should be acknowledged and celebrated.  The following page contains a list of Western Olympic athletes, coaches and staff over the years.