Women's Athletics


Women's Rugby, OUA Silver Medalists, 1998-99

OUA silver medalists, 1998-99. Natascha Wesch (far right, middle row) was named CIAU/OUA Coach of the Year in this season.

The history of women’s rugby at Western is short, but also quite sweet. It was first recognized as an official sport by the Ontario Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Association (OWIAA) in 1994.

Western’s first rugby team was very much the result of the leadership of Natascha Wesch, an international level player who played for and captained Western’s first team in 1994-95. She continued on as head coach through the 1990s and into the 2000s. Wesch was named the CIAU/OUA Coach of the Year in the 1998-99 season.

Under her guidance and an ever growing interest in the sport, Western’s program made (and has continued to make) quite a name for itself. Beginning with a silver finish at the OWIAA championships in 1996-97, the team has had several top-three finishes at the Ontario intercollegiate level, and placed second at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport finals in 2002-03.

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