Women's Athletics

Mary Lou Dresser

Women's Intercollegiate Basketball, 1959

Mary Lou Dresser and the women's basketball team from 1959. Dresser is pictured front centre.  Courtesy of UWO Student Council.

Mary Lou Dresser was both an athlete and coach at Western and is remembered as an important figure in women's athletics. From an early age, Dresser enjoyed sports, especially basketball. While at Western from 1955-59 she studied Physical Health and Recreation Education and later undertook her Masters of Education at

Three out of four of the years Dresser played basketball, her team won the Bronze Baby. She also played on the volleyball team, and was interested in track and field, setting a record in softball throw and participating in javelin under Mrs. Elfrida Kukainis Berzins. She was given both the White Blanket and the award for the top woman athlete of the year, the FWP Jones Trophy

Dresser had also been involved in women's athletics as a student, specifically in the Women's Athletic Association as vice president. She starting coaching a year after she graduated for the same basketball team for which she had played, as well as for women's track and field.

She is rememberd fondly as a coach. She was described as successful and someone to whom the girls could look up. She found this success as a coach by expecting a lot from her players. As a result, the basketball team won championships consecutively from 1960 to 1969. After coaching for ten years, Dresser left Western to pursue a career in occupational therapy.