Women's Athletics

Recognizing Athletic Achievement

The FWP Jones Trophy

The FWP Jones Trophy, presented here by Elfrida Berzins (Mrs. B) to Jane Allison in 1969 for her achievements in volleyball, basketball, field hockey and track and field.

Just like their male colleagues, the women involved in athletic programs sought to honour those who made special or particularly significant contributions to the development and success of women’s athletics at Western. In 1948, it was recommended that women should be honoured with colours and shields for outstanding athletic achievement as men at the university were, but that these individuals should be chosen at the discretion of the Women’s Athletic Committee.

Later that year, WAC awarded the first Purple Blanket (an athletic honour previously reserved for men participating in two or more sports) to a woman, Doris Shirley, for her participation in basketball, tennis and ornamental swim team. This tradition of recognition for women’s athletics continues today in the form of the White Blanket. Female athletes also continue to receive Purple Blankets, marking athletic achievement at the provincial or national level.

In 1957, the FWP Jones Trophy was established to annually honour the person  who made the greatest contribution to women’s athletics during their years spent at Western. The trophy has now become an important aspect of the athletic tradition at Western, honouring athletes competing in all programs at Western. A full list of trophy recipients can be seen on the Western Mustangs webpage.