From its humble beginnings as a workingman's sport, to the introduction of varsity wrestling, to Olympic glory, wrestling has made a lasting impression in Canadian sports history. Wrestling began at Western in the 1930s and continues to thrive today. This exhibit explores the history of wrestling in Canada, at Western, and biographies of some of Western's top athletes and coaches.


Michelle Goodridge, Annique Sanche


The Beginnings

Western’s wrestling team formed in the early 1930s. The first wrestling team photo appears in the ‘University Athletic Activities’ book showing the 1933 team. 

The Yuhasz Era: 1955-63

It was during Mike Yuhasz’ time as coach that Western became renowned throughout the province for its varsity wrestling program. 

The Leyshon Era: mid-1960s to 1980s

Under the guidance and leadership of coach Glynn Leyshon in the mid-1960s, intercollegiate wrestling at Western expanded into national and international competitions. 

The Takahashi Era: 1985 Onward

Former Mustang wrestler and Olympian, Ray Takahashi became head coach of Western's wrestling team in 1985. In that same year, the Wrestling Wall of Fame was established to recognize outstanding contributions to and achievements in Western’s wrestling program. This period also saw the rise of women's wrestling.


This section highlights some of Western's best wrestlers and coaches.