Terri McNutt

Terri McNutt

Terri McNutt, senior national wrestling champion. Photo from Western News

“Being part of the wrestling team is like being part of a family. Only wrestlers can understand the pain, the upsets, the joys, ultimately the reason we do such a grueling sport.”

Terri McNutt started wrestling in Kingston while in the ninth grade. It was wrestling that brought her to Western in 2002.

While at Western, McNutt was known as a model student-athlete, devoted equally to her studies and her wrestling career. In a 2005 article in The Gazette, coach Ray Takahashi highlighted McNutt’s achievements, remarkable leadership and work ethic: “There’s no doubt Terri’s a performer and a competitor. She’s one of the best we’ve ever had. She’ll always be at practice and if she isn’t, it’s because of school.”

As a Mustang grappler, McNutt held the position of co-captain and captain of the Mustangs wrestling team. She was one of the few women in North America capable of executing a back-salto throw, a throw that causes the opponent to completely flip over. In 2005 she attended a Team Canada Olympic training camp. McNutt won many Mustangs athletics awards including Women’s MVP Award in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, Western’s Purple Blanket Award in 2005 for superior athletic achievement at a provincial or national level competiton, and the FWP Jones Trophy for Western’s top female athlete in 2006. While at Western, she also won many medals and championships, including winning the OUA Championship every year between 2003-06, bronze at the 2006 Senior National Wrestling Championships, and gold at the 2006 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Championships.

After studying nursing at Western, McNutt continued her wrestling training and competing with the Queen’s Wrestling Club in Kingston, Ontario. She landed an alternate position on Canada’s 2008 Olympic Wrestling Team. In 2009, she won her first national championship in Regina. McNutt now has her eyes set on the 2012 Summer Olympics.