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1920 Football Team

Photograph of the 1920 football team with names listed below

Back row: E D(illegible), (illegible)aynor, GA Wainwright, W Heard, M Simpson, D McGinnes, V Callaghan, R Dingle, S MacPherson, W Cowley, J Jarrot

Centre row: HE MacMil(illegible),…

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Football at UWO in the Early Years

A short video containing photographs of the early years of football at the University of Western Ontario (Created using Animoto at

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1964-65 Women's Senior Volleyball Team

1964-65 women's senior volleyball team

First row: Barb Keyes, Bea Atkins, Joyce Pyette, Mary Riseborough (Captain), Sharon Hall, Kathy Kangas, Miss Weston

Second row: Joan Pickergill, Janet Baxter, Sandra Buzza, Sue Godfrey, Barb Bayliss, Marg…

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1995 Mustangs Football Team

1995 Mustangs football team

First row: Steve Hunter, Jeff Famme, Theo Versteegh, Damian Lowry, Garrick McBride, Sean Devine, Chima Onwubere, Dan Capone, Tim Small, Craig Higgins, Mike Laszio, Paul Blenkhorn, Tony Pepe, Scott Clawson, Sonny…

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1990 Mustangs Football Team

1990 Mustangs football team

Front row - Left to Right: Chris Brown, Matt Gryniewswski, Rob Boug, Roger Owens, Pat Mahon, Steve Krupey, Rob Gray, Matt Dickie, Mike Lindley, Larry Haylor, Darryl Forde (Captain), Bob Larose, Rich Burey, Duane Forde,…

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Program for 1950 Convocation - Page Two

Page two of the program for the 1950 Convocation, where John Crocker was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws

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Bridget Campbell, Undated Photo

Bridget Campbell

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Doug Hayes, 1989-90

Doug Hayes in his final season coaching the basketball Mustangs, 1989-90

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Karen Danylchuk

Photograph of Karen Danylchuk, 1988

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1942 Fencing

1942 Fencing:

Back row: Dr.Montgomery, C. Smith, J.Buchanan, N.Cook, M.Brown M.Spitoski, E.Philips

Front row: H.Wildfang, M. Leach, E.Galbraith, B. Fraser (E.Fraser ?), L.Plum, F.Rodgers, Captain Sandor

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