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1974 Football Play

Action photograph of a football play from 1974

Tags: football

1971 Mustangs Football Team

Photograph of the 1971 football team

Front row (left to right): D. Wise (Trainer), P. Knill, B. Hunter, E. Rocca, R. Snyder, R. Ritchter, T. Harvey, G. Hill (Captain), R. Wilson, C. Skopelanios, S. Stefanko, M. Chorneyko; J. Budge, D. Clarke, H.…

Tags: football, team

Frank Cosentino

Photograph of Frank Cosentino coaching.

Tags: coach, Cosentino, football

1972-1973 UWO "Rugger" Team OUAA Champions

Photograph of the 1972-1973 UWO "rugger" team who were OUAA Champions

Tags: rugby

1930 Track and Field Team

Photograph of the 1930 UWO men’s track and field team

Front row: J. Fraser, S. Ritchie, G. Ford, D. Wright, D. Rivers

Back row: D. Budge, A. Martindale, R. Hornstein, G. Barclay, E. Brent, C. Thompson, H. Newell, D. Loft, B.J. Beatie, H.…

Tags: track and field

1997 Track and Field Teams

Photograph of the track and field teams from 1997

Tags: track and field

1960 UWO O-QAA Championship Men's Swim Team

Photograph of the 1960 UWO O-QAA Championship Men's Swim Team

Front row: Scott Gugino, Larry Freeman, Pete Fowler, Denes Szvetko, Les Backus, Kyler Hauch

Second row: Joe Dornai, John Thompson, Larry Merideth, Mike Beverly, John Fanning, John…

Tags: swimming

1956-1957 UWO Swimming Team

Photograph of the swimming team from 1956-57

Back row: John Faulkner (Coach), Peter Fowler, Bill Andrews, John Girvin, Bob Gledhill, Bob Turnbill, Dave Hunter (Manager)

Front row: Adam Tefler, Dave Walsh, Ray McKerlie, Bob Enyon (Captain), Tim…

Tags: swimming

1995-96 UWO Hockey Team

Photograph of the hockey team from 1995-96

Tags: hockey

Dutch Decker Plaque

Photograph of a plaque of Dutch Decker

Tags: Dutch Decker