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Football Program, October 21, 1939

Football program from October 21, 1939, Western vs. McGill at J.W. Little Stadium

Tags: football, program

Football Program, October 19, 1963

Football program from October 19, 1963, U of T vs Western at JW Little Memorial Stadium

Tags: football, program

Program from 1959 Intercollegiate Championship

The cover of the official program of the 1959 first Canadian Intercollegiate Championship for the Churchill Cup

Tags: Churchill Cup, football

1956 Action Shot

An action shot from a 1956 football game

Tags: football

1955 Action Shot

A football action shot from 1955

Tags: football

Ticket Booth

A ticket booth selling football tickets in the 1940s

Tags: football

Varsity Blues at UWO, circa 1947

A photograph of a football game between the Varsity Blues from U of T and Western at JW Little Memorial Stadium. The power house/boilder house appears in the background

Tags: football

1958 Colts Intermediate Intercollegiate Football Team

1958 Colts Intermediate Intercollegiate Football Team

Tags: Colts, football

John Metras Jr.

John Metras Jr. in his football uniform, circa 1960

Tags: football, John Metras Jr., Metras

Ready for the Plunge

Western Mustangs beside the very wet field of Varsity Stadium at the Churchill Cup championship game

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