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The Faculty of Nursing Collection

The Faculty of Nursing Collection
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In the early 1970s, the Faculty of Nursing had six programs of study. These programs of study were: Public Health Nursing; Instructor in Nursing; Science of Nursing; Hospital Administration; Degree Completion for Registered Nursing; and, Nursing Service Administration.

The Diploma of Public Health Nursing program was established in 1920 under a grant from the Canadian Red Cross Society. Although it had a low enrollment prior to WWII, the Ontario Government provided bursaries for those preparing to enter the field which boosted the enrollment rate. The program required one year of study. The first year required courses included: Microbiology; Tuberculosis and Venereal Disease Control; The Preschool Child; and, the Central Core Courses of the Program (Public Health Administration, Principle and Practice of Public Health Nursing, and Health Education).

The Certificate of Instructor of Nursing program was established in 1924. The course was re-organized in 1947 when a grant from the E. K. Kellog Foundation allowed for changes to be made. To obtain the certificate for the program students had to complete the following classes: Physiology; Philosophy; Human Geography; Mental Hygiene; Maternal and Infant Health; Child Psychology; and, the Central Core Courses.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program was established in 1924. The program required students to complete course work in biology, social science, humanities, and clinical education. The program took approximately five years to complete.

The Certificate of Hospital Administration program was offered to students until 1946. It took one year to complete.

The Degree Completion for Registered Nurses program focused on offering courses for nurses who had graduated from approved hospital schools but proceeded to complete requirements in a specialized program such as public health nursing, nursing education or nursing service administration.

The Diploma of Nursing Service Administration program was first offered in 1957. The course work, which took one year to complete, included: Environmental Hygiene; Nutrition; Politics; Philosophy; and, the Central Core Courses. Additionally, students of this program were required to complete field work in four London hospitals.

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