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The Faculty of Nursing Collection

The Faculty of Nursing Collection
The University of Western Ontario Archives

Deans and Faculty

National Health Week - 1959

The Faculty of Nursing began as an extension of the Department of Public Health at Western which, at the time, was controlled by The Institute of Public Health. The Department of Public Health allowed for the staff of the Institute to instruct both medical and arts students in science as well as perform lab work for southwestern Ontario. Dr. H. W. Hill, Chief of the Institute of Public Health, took a special interest in this Department and he formed the Faculty of Public Health in 1917.

Nursing education was largely controlled by hospitals at the time when Dr. Hill decided to offer additional qualification courses for nurses seeking to specialize. His interest was mainly in the specialization of public health, the prevention of disease and promotion of health but the faculty grew beyond this. With the offering of certificate and diploma programs, the Faculty of Nursing at Western began.

This web site exhibits items from the Faculty of Nursing collection at Western Archives from the Faculty's inception to the early 1970s.


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