Blood Pressure Kit Courtesy of UWO Medical Artifact Collection

Although this display only touches the surface of the interesting history of UWOs School of Nursing, its aim is to promote further historical research specifically in the area of nursing history at UWO. In celebration of the Canadian Nurses Association’s centenary, it expresses gratitude for the contributions of nurses from UWO and other national institutions that have supported education and health care in Canada.



This display features items from the UWO History of Medicine Collection, the UWO Medical Artifact Collection, and the UWO Hannah Collection on the History of Science and Medicine and was curated by Andrea Melvin with assistance from the M.A. Public History students. Special thanks to John Lutman, Anne Daniel, Theresa Regnier, Bill Turkel and Museum London for their support and to our professor Shelley McKellar for her guidance and enthusiasm with this project.

Medals Courtesy of Museum London

photographs and web design: Richard Kirk (Western Archives)