Google Book Settlement Information

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The Association of Research Libraries has created a new Web page that offers Google Book settlement information for faculty. It also provides a handout that outlines what decision a book author has to make if the author is the copyright holder of the book.

BTW, a new site, the Public index, was created "to study and discuss the proposed Google Book Search settlement."

P.S.: DigitalKoans notes that the Beckman Center for Internet and Society has released a video in which Alexander Macgillivray (Deputy General Counsel for Products and Intellectual Property at Google) discusses the Google Book Search settlement.
P.P.S.: The Berkman Center for Internet & Society has also released another video (Settlements: Static Goods, Dynamic Bads) in which Lawrence Lessig speaks on the Google Book Search Settlement. Lessig is Professor of Law and founder of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society.
P.P.P.S.: There is a video that provides an overview of Google Book Search and its settlement. There are also videos about how Google Book Search may contribute to equal access to knowledge.

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