Future of Research Communication

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Cameron Neylon argues on the Science in the Open blog that the future of research communication is aggregation:

For me, the "paper" of the future has to encompass much more than just the narrative descriptions of processed results we have today. It needs to support a much more diverse range of publication types, data, software, processes, protocols, and ideas, as well provide a rich and interactive means of diving into the detail where the user in interested and skimming over the surface where they are not. It needs to provide re-visualisation and streaming under the users control and crucially it needs to provide the ability to repackage the content for new purposes; education, public engagement, even main stream media reporting.


For me, a paper is an aggregation of objects. It contains, text, divided up into sections, often with references to other pieces of work. Some of these references are internal, to figures and tables, which are representations of data in some form or another...

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